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The GLUCOSAMINE CHONDROITIN cookie treats are just the supplement that Parker needed. Parker is almost 10 years old and is having issues getting around, specifically up & down the stairs. After starting the cookie supplements I noticed Parker did not need the coaching to get up and move.
I will be keeping both of my dogs on the supplement cookies, they are very beneficial.
~ Aunt LuLu
We could not wait to tell you how your Glucosamine Cookie treats have changed our 10 year old dog, Sami's life. She had been achy and creaky and wanting to just stay home - so not like her but we thought , well, she IS 10 now....she's tired! We decided to try your treats and have been giving her 2 cookies a day for a few weeks now and the change in her is just amazing. Tom and I took her with us to the golf course last night and we were laughing so hard at her- running along side the cart and swimming like a puppy all with a big smile on her face! So happy for her. Thank you so much!!! Anyone out there with an older dog - do your dog a favor and give them Locomotion Glucosamine Cookie Treats! It's so fun to watch Sami moving pain free again!

Tom & Bobbi Wild


Our vet and our vet acupuncturist both feel they are great treats with a good amount of glucosamine chondroitin along with all natural ingredients.

Like I told the couple I wish I would have thought of this idea especially having a couple of older huskies now who are picky about taking pills.

I found them at a Made in the USA store in Buffalo, NY
Again, thank you for a great product!

- Holly & the Huskies
Before we started to give Angel the Locomotion glucosamine chondroitin cookies she was very slow at walking, and didn't seem to have much energy. We have been giving her the cookies for a little over a year and have seen a significate improvement in her energy and her legs are moving much better.

Our Angel is around 11 years of age and we are so happy that we found there for her. We would recommend these cookies for every dog.

Vicky and Steve
I'll give you a little background knowledge on Casper and how he is doing:
   Lately, in the past few years, my family and I had been noticing that Casper was slowing down a lot. After being diagnosed with epilepsy at age one and being one of the few dogs in Western New York  that survived the dreaded Lepto virus, we began to worry that his time was becoming limited. It was apparent that he was experiencing severe problems with his back end. After a couple of weeks on Locomotion Supplement, I feel as if I have my old dog back again. Casper runs, jumps and plays just like he used to when he was a puppy! He is very energetic and even has the ability to give my Great Dane mix a run for his money! Casper will surely be on Locomotion Supplement Dog Treats for the remainder of his life!

Thank You,
Terri Wiewiorski
Goldie, our retriever and chow mix, with bad hips and knees finished the first container of her Locomotion Supplement  treats last week. They definitely make a big difference for her. She gets around so much easier and gets up and is moving much faster than she did before we started giving her two a day back in April.  She is very picky and yet loves and teases for her nightly snack. We made sure we got more of them for her so she can continue being more comfortable in her old age of 13!

Lorna Parker
"Tuffy" was left at the barn where we board our horse. She is probably about 10 yrs. old - a blue heeler. Nice, sweet dog. She was pretty stiff. Had difficulty walking up stairs. I never saw her running around. A friend took her home and started giving her the Locomotion Supplement. After one jar she reports that now Tuffy chases cats and rabbits, jumps 3 feet off the ground straight up, plays and romps all around. DEFINITELY an improvement!

Thanks for a great product,
Jackie Wild                        
Dear Locomotion Pet Treats,
   Our eight (8) year old dog, Nikki, fell from our second story deck a few months ago. We immediately took her to an animal emergency room that day and her vet the following day. Fortunately she had no broken bones but she was in shock and visibly not her self. For the next month she slowly recuperated but was not anywhere back to her old self. For years she has been walked 3 to 5 miles a day, could stand on her front legs and had a vertical leap of about four feet. A month after her fall she could barely walk to the corner and back.
   We had been giving Nikki your regular dog treats since she was a puppy and decided to try the Locomotion Supplement. Within two weeks Nikki was back to her old self, running in circles, acting like a puppy, jumping for treats. We could not believe the results and to insure her quality of life we are committed to continue using the Locomotion Supplement.
   We would recommend the supplement to anyone who has an injured or aging dog. We are so happy to have the old Nikki back and it is very comforting to know that she is happy and not in pain. As you see in the picture she loves getting her supplement in a cookie. This is truly a great product.
Mark and Carol DelleBovi
Dear Dan,
   I started Austin on the Locomotion Supplement Treats in June, 2009. He had been on Rimadyl but that was very expensive. So we switched him to the Locomotion and he has been fine since! Thank you.                        

Yours truly,
Catherine Brundage 

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