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Our naturally shed elk antler chews are a delicious, eco friendly way to give your dog the nutrients and minerals missing from artificially flavored rawhide chews. Besides the fact that dogs absolutely love them, they are safe and very house friendly! They don't splinter, stain, or smell! Add the fact that they last at least ten times longer than everyday rawhide treats and you can see why this dog treat is sweeping the nation! If you haven't already, add a few elk antlers to your dog's basket of treats today!

Elk Antler Chews
All natural and high in nutrients and minerals; long lasting elk antlers are a super alternative to rawhide chews!

One Pound: $28.00


** Elk Antlers come in different sizes to suit different size dogs. We will try and contact you via the information you provide during the order process to find which size antlers are right for your dog before shipping.

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